And yet more pudge

Totally a dada's girl

"Puss-in-boots" look. And the bad thing is that it works.


Tiana and Kayden


Pudge in spotlight


God, her eyes were so grey..and she has red hair! ahahahaha! where/who did that come from??


Christmas Praises

Close to two weeks left to Christmas! Are busy with the usual Christmas business and haven't been updating as I should have been. But an overflow of photos will follow the coming festivities, so enjoy the lean times until then.
Update, Chubs is learning his moves and get super excited when he dances with the older boys Its so funny to see his twirls, dips and hip movement. I really ought to take a video of it one of these days.
Here's an older pic from August that we took after her bath in which she resembles a fat cat contentedly basking in the sun.


Cute photos


The video quality is terrible and it seems to play on fast forward mode, but it's the first video that I've been able to successfully upload. Yay!

Goodbye, UNO

On October 18th, 2008 moved out of what has been our Home for the past four years. We miss people there

Being Prince Charming

You will notice that most of the photos are of Chubs charming the womenfolk. He's brushing up his Don Juan skills

Some of the people

Dada's craft

Dada tried his hand at making a headboard and it turned out nicely. He too added mood-setting lights and speakers, together with a mirror, which Pudgelicious spends far too much time in front of. (She adores mirrors...)

Them peas


Those terrible twos

Chubs is a little ball of non-stop energy and cuteness.

However, he is presently in the midst of the turbulent and terrible twos. We are doing our best to teach him not to whine, and also not to argue or contradict himself when he is asked to do something.

As of now it usually goes something like this:

Dada: "Gordinho (or "Taka-kun", if it's Mama talking to him), we're going outside."

Chubs: "No go outside!"

"Okay, we won't go outside."

Chubs (whining): "Go outside!"



Trial and Error

Chubs is learning how to use the toilet on his own. Today when I decided to check up on him and knocked on the door, he replied with, "On no, Papa!" I told him who it was and that I would wait outside for him. A few seconds passed when I heard, "Oh geez!" in a frustrated tone, followed by a sigh. I peeked inside and he was busily wiping up the pee that he had accidentally sprayed on the toilet lid. It was quite responsible of him, (although he missed a few spots).



Mommy dressed her up in this pumpkin outfit today and she looked so round and adorable that we just had to go out for a photo shoot. The sun was out and it was the first sunny day after close to a week of gloomy weather. She usually loves taking photos, but since she was sick with a cold, she wasn't her normal happy self. She cheered up when she found some leaves to munch on.

Enjoying the sun

Gathering leaves to eat


The Bed

On a totally different note, you spend close to a third of your life sleeping (wink wink!) so it goes to figure that you want a good, sturdy bed. Akira recently began construction on a king-size bed that was too cool to leave unposted, quite literally. The posts were my favorite part. They have lights and speakers embedded in them, providing surroud light and sound. He also made it high enough so that we could store the majority of our stuff underneath. It isn't complete yet, there are still more new features to be added, but I couldn't wait, so here it is!

Carving groves for the speakers

Preparing the posts

Tada! The bed!

Lighting coordination can be done by changing the bulbs on both the top and bottom



Old photos

Will begin uploading more photos from the last 2 years and 9 months, plus random Home life photos that are found. Since it's more enjoyable to prolong the fun, and because the computer in use is far from having the best internet connection, it will be dished out slowly in more than one post.

Admire the pudge

Well, what more can be said? Like father like son. Eh? (Note the same foolish expression on their faces...tsk tsk.)


Little squirrel

Photo from an art project to make a squirrel headband. Unfortunately he isn't the most skilled with the scissors and lopped a part of the ear off, but he was happy with the result.

Below is just a photo I thought was very funny. Pudgelicious was waddling along the wall and somehow the way she was standing flat against the wall with her hands up resembled a person during a hold-up. When I told Dada that, Dada decided to be the gangster with his best attempt at gruffly saying, "Put your hands up!" and she turned at the last moment wondering why Dada was supporting her back. Okay, well I thought it was funny..


He wins...

I hate to admit it, but it seems like evil dada wins on the bet of what she would say first...


Sick Dada

Tonight our Dada began to look really sick with watery eyes, and sniffles...he wrapped himself in a couple layers of clothes to stay warm. Pudgelicious thought he looked like a fun bundle to climb


Grandma's visit

Our grandma came to Japan for a month in August. We had fun with her and miss her so...We love you, Grandma! Come again soon!

At one of the smaller Japanese castles

You didn't actually expect us to look at the camera with all this temptation in front of us...now did you?

Dada and grandma being silly.

At an Indian festival in downtown Tokyo. We think they look pretty authentic...

Cuddles with grandma in the park

At the beach near the HCS