Pooh's bunny

She's seriously attached to this little bunny doll that she got from one of her great aunts. She cuddles it, hugs it, kisses it and won't let it go. Don't know whether to envy or pity the man she gets with it the future..

Halloween dressup!

Can you tell what we're dressed as? (Dada: Pirate, Mommy: Chinese woman he met while scavenging. Pudge and Chubs: some stray animals they decided to take in.)


Helping the handyman

Oh how proud we are of ourselves! Dada would never have gotten anywhere without us.


University festival

Kids went to a university festival and dressed in happy halloween costumes before doing a stamp relay to get a prize of snacks.
After they came home Chubs came to give me one of his snacks, which was so cute, seeing that he was looking so wistfully at the snack he'd just given up. That's giving even if it hurts, people. We ended up eating it together and he left with theprinciple reinforced in his mind that "You never lose by giving." Or so we hope.

Petting those bunnies.



Pretty mommy

Don't you think so? Chubs is trying hard to pretend he's sleeping.

Daddy's carpentry projects

Our new jungle gym! Dada had to make our beds strong so that we can swing on it, argue while trying to push each other off the ladder, and fall gracefully. We love it!

We're modeling our new study desks and chairs. Say cheese!


Or is it?



Chubs 11 months old

One more month!

...and a few days to go till we're off! Woohoo!
Chubs is talking of going on a plane (especially cuz his friend Kenji went on one too), seeing avo and relatives, and going to a zoo. It's so cute to see him talking about it.
Since I'm equally as excited I decided to put up a countdown ticker for fun.


Indian festival in Yoyogi

Had great fun going to an Indian festival in Yoyogi before having an awesome barbecue with A.Joicy and boyfriend. Don't have any photos of the barbecue so will have to make do with festival pictures. Everything at the fair was waaaay overpriced so we didn't buy any thing, and we didn't have the patience to wait for the inefficient staff who took forever to dress the people in saris for a pic, so tradition couldn't be kept. (Paula and Maria, I wish two were there with us again this year!)

Tiana (Looking at the plate Joicy's holding): Foood...

Dip dip.

Mine, mine, all mine!

Two pervy-looking maharajahs

A street kid advertising the stall's wares (Quite a few people were taking cell phone photos of him.)

Summer Dayz


Broken wrist. Donations needed

Before you freak out, no, neither of the peas broke their arm. Instead it was dear dada who broke it..walking on the fence that prevents kids from running straight into the swings. Nothing too noble.
Unfortunately, we are saving funds for a trip to South Africa for a family reunion next year. As Dada is incapacitated and can't work for awhile, if anyone could help with a donation towards our trip please leave a comment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Enduring love

Former boyfriend Kayden came over for a Virgo birthday party and Tiana was oh so happy to see him again. She was beaming and kept calling his name, squeezing him and trying to get his attention. They really like each other and get along great, but unfortunately Kayden is one of those Aquarians who can sometimes be impressively affectionate but is in most cases totally oblivious to what is happening in front of his face. When Kayden seemed to ignore (stubborn Aries) Pudge's fluttering eyelashes and advances she pouted, got angry and resorted to grabbing and kissing him until he wailed for mommy. haha. it was a classic sight.

Keeping an eye on her target

"Hey boyfriend, here I am. Don't you see me?"

Pudge: Sigh-- "All right then." Smooch..

Pudge: "Look at me, damn you!"
Kayden: "Mommy--!"



Wow, it's been a looooong time since the last post but I'm comforted to see that few people are keeping up with their blogs as of late. Grading on the curve is great. hehe
But really have been busy. Setting up house, creating schedules for 35 people, including kids of different age grades that have different schedules..arghh.. enough said.
Other than that the kids have been doing great. They seem happy with their new groups and are slowly getting back into a set schedule.


Caught in the act

Walked into the living room and Pudge Pooh looked up at me with a big smile, the aircon remote control in her hand and milk smudges on the table. Drops dripped from the remote. She'd dipped the remote into milk and "drawn" on the table. Thankfully she didn't dip it in all the way so only the tip was wet. Thank goodness.
It was actually quite funny so I had to take a photo. She was smiley first but when she saw the evidence being collected the frown came up.




We went to the park for the kids' P.E time and there was a cat sitting on the wall across the road. I took Pudge Pooh to see the cat, hoping that it wouldn't bolt. Pooh was so happy and kept saying "ne" instead of "neko", which is Japanese for cat. The cat was trying to take a nap, and every time she would poke it or touch it it would look up at her with an annoyed expression to which she would shriek with excitement. I should have brought a camera to take a photo.. Finally after having two kids stroking, poking, and hitting it for five minutes, it finally figured that it had had enough and disappeared into the garden of the house. Pooh was too happy to know that she had been a bother and went merrily on her way.



From Saturday it will be full on moving! We'll be renting a truck from the 1st, fixing, setting up, building doors, carpeting, cleaning, etc, etc. We have boxes piled high in our living room ready to move. It's finally come the time.
You don't know how terribly exciting it is to be moving at this particular time of year. Not only is it incredibly hot and humid but we are blessed with sudden and unpredictable showers of rain, just in case we're not drenched already.
Ah, if only the winds of change would blow for a change...
PS: i would also like a cold beer (or two) just about now.

Our wall of boxes

Taking out the trash.


Cool little man

With teacher Sunny. Check out his suave look.

Barbecue and pool fun

It's been a good while since I last posted but we have a legitimate reason, yes sir. We're getting ready to move into a new house within the next week and have been packing, trying to make sense and order of the flood of skype messages that pour in every day (we hear the skype burp every 10 seconds or so), throwing out the trash, etc, etc. Everything that goes into moving homes. Will post more on that soon but for now here are some photos from a few days ago.
The day started off cloudy so we thought it would be great for a barbecue, but right before we sat down to eat the sun came out in full force and barbecued us instead. The kids were already so dirty from rubbing food into their faces so we dragged our baby bath tub out into the "yard" and let the kids play in it. They were all crammed in together but seemed to be having fun in spite of it. We're looking into getting them a real pool.

A frustrated dada cooking over a pathetic fire. The kindling wouldn't light and we couldn't find the proper grill piece.

Look at those cute brown eyes. This boy is going to be a ladykiller when he grows up.

Goood stuffing..

The Loch Ness monster revealed.



Dry Ice

Just to get Professor Higgins out of the first post.


A disgustingly clever song

Watched "My fair lady" recently and was impressed with how good it was. This movie had some great lines and songs. Why can't there be more good movies like this nowadays?
One thing is for sure, the husbands got a great laugh out of this particular song. Hmph.


Of Weaning, Teething and no-Mommy syndrome

Mommy has been gone for the past three days to help with a regional JT camp. So Dada is left with the two and is weaning Pudge Pooh during this time.
As it so happens the day she left the peas had just gotten over a mysterious sickness that brought high fevers of 39 and 40 degrees to three kids and one adult (me) at the same time. If it wasn't so bad it would have been funny how we all went down at the same time. We still don't know what caused it but no one else got it. Thank God.
Pudge Pooh also decided to start teething a day or two after mommy left and is rather surly and unfriendly. I'm sure the past few days of pouring rain hasn't helped her mood a bit. At the moment she is crying non-stop. We can only hope that tomorrow she will be happy with Mommy home. Please pray that she doesn't want to start nursing again. And that the sun will be out.


Cute little Tiago

Not so cute or small anymore. I can say more but I must keep the Leo humble -Steven

Sweet Mommy

Beautiful inside and out


Cinema: Transformers 2

Went to watch transformers with the young people in the Home. Was a bit apprehensive about whether it would be worth watching in theaters, but it was better than I thought. As usually we were the only ones laughing out loud at the funny parts.
And one important point: Movies are so much funner with some happy drinks. Ne?


And one of Mommy

He's a good blend of half and half, I think

Happy Dada Day!

You are loved by the peas.

Here are some happy photos of Chubs and Dada making the same expressions. Like father like son.


Dada's night snack

Dada received a nice French bread from some dear friends and made a scrumptious sandwich. It ended up so fat and stuffed with everything he could fit in that we just had to take a photo of it. Of course it could be more visually pleasing, but then again who cares when they're hungry for a luscious sandwich like this? It has cucumbers, lettuce, chicken, ham, tomatoes, eggs, and whatever else I forgot to mention. Now aren't you jealous? (cough, Paula)
I for one wasn't, I had sashimi instead. nyahaha.

Chef Chubs

Once a week we try to have a nice dinner and last time this handsome little boy was our helper. He tried his best to spread the sauce evenly, distribute the olives, onion, peppers and cheese equally, so we can't really blame him if they ended up in a heap in the middle of the pizza. Our best little chef, Chubs.

This little piggy..

This little piggy went to market..

This little piggy stayed home..

This little piggy had beef..

This little piggy had none,
and this little piggy went
"wee, wee, wee" all the way home

PS: And yes, she posed for all of them.