Road pizza

Look at each's expression. Pudge, a mix between "hahaha" and "duh..". Chubs sees nothing wrong with the situation and Kayden looks confused.


Trip to countryside

We all took a trip to the Home in Ito and all I could say is that I haven't been so out far in the country for the longest time. (How do they survive?!? hehe..) They have quite an interesting and nice house though.
Anyway to give a quick summary, we got stuck in terrible traffic on the way there but made it there before it got too late. Had a slumber party in the living room with five mattress spread out (Thanks to our hosts who prepared everything!). Chubs fell in love with a foot massage machine and had no trouble fitting right in with the other toddies. I once saw him happily chattering with a girl in the meal line. Way to go.
In between meetings we had a mini soccer game at a field in the mountains and indulged in happy juice with the other young people that night.
The next day on the way back Pudge slept the whole way through (close to 3 hours), which was a real miracle as she doesn't like cars. And when she doesn't like something she will trumpet it out in clear tones until she gets her way or everyone else goes deaf.
Got home safe and sound and am now waiting with Mama and Pudge for my wonderful husband, Dada, and Chubs to get back too.
That's about it.


Pudgelicious' horoscope

Tiana's Sun is in Aries
You have an energetic approach to life and a frank and direct approach to others. You can show a great deal of courage and a willingness to plunge into anything without too much hesitation. However, sometimes giving things a little thought before you rush headlong into action would be in order. Being so impulsive, you can also occasionally be blind to the needs and feelings of others.

Tiana's Moon is in Sagittarius
You're instinctively restless and you have difficulty in settling down and staying in one place for too long. You enjoy exploring new horizons, or are constantly on the move, even if it is only from one home to another.

Your emotions can be fiery and when necessary, you'll defend yourself by reacting with anger. If your sense of security is threatened or your self-image challenged you may respond with exaggeration. You'll also have a high degree of independence and love of freedom, but will occasionally need to control a tendency to be offhand.

Tiana's Rising Sign is Pisces
Surrounded in a cloud of mystery, others find you enigmatic, alluring and attractive. At times, however, life may be seen through rose tinted glasses. There's also a danger of turning to drugs or alcohol to alleviate harsher realities. But at its most positive, this is an excellent placing for those in the caring professions as your sensitivity and sympathy allows you to identify with others.

Tiana's Mercury is in Pisces: Mentality
Tiana's Venus is in Pisces: Love
Tiana's Mars is in Cancer: Driving force

Chub's horoscope

Jason's Sun is in Aquarius
You are generally forward-looking, original and optimistic.

You are unconventional, but probably at times also rather detached and impersonal. You're by nature a rebel. You therefore need to ensure that your rebellious nature and insistence on holding unconventional views does not become fanaticism and a refusal to change your opinions.

Jason's Moon is in Cancer
You're emotionally very sensitive, perhaps to the extent that you hide your feelings behind the hard shell of the crab in order to prevent your feelings from being hurt. However, when they are hurt, the pain lingers for a long time.

You can be rather tenacious and possessive in relationships and may find it difficult to let go when necessary. You may also occasionally have difficulty in outgrowing emotional patterns that are the result of past conditioning and experience, particularly your relationship with your mother. The family instinct may be powerful, possibly to the extent that it may lead to clannishness. You need to be needed, and to be able to express your emotional needs with someone else.

Jason's Rising Sign is Taurus
With the focus on fun, harmony and compromise you enjoy being surrounded by friends. Possessing an easy-going charm, you generally go out of your way to avoid conflicts. You'll also find that, with a little persuasion, you can usually get what you want as others appreciate that you're willing to give as much as you receive. However, enjoying the good things of life, your lavish tastes may quite often exceed your budget.

Jason's Mercury is in Pisces: Mentality
Jason's Venus is in Capricorn: Love
Jason's Mars is in Taurus: Driving Force


Horoscopes, anyone?

Just for pure entertainment I will be posting the horoscope readings of the little peas and their parents. I put their birth info through two totally different horoscope websites and came up with the same results so I'm guessing it's pretty accurate. (Note: Of course I do not take responsibility for any errors in the following horoscope readings. If there are any erroneous details, blame it on the darn horoscope websites and the "diviners" who come up with it...)Okidoki! It's late and I've got a date to go on so will start posting tomorrow. Cherios! Have a good night too!



Spare time on my hands. heehee

Splash splash

They both love taking baths, it was so cute to see them splashing around. I noticed that both Chubs and Pudge have a habit of sticking out their tongue, especially when they are concentrating. Note the picture below..


Notable quote from Dada

"There is no price for awesomeness or attractiveness."

Parent time

Backtracking a bit

Backtracking to Christmas. Here's some pics from that happy season.